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Date de naissance : 17/10/1988
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Sexe : Homme
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Statut : Membre Smilies persos :
Nombre de messages postés : 5301  
Date d'arrivée sur le forum : 13/04/2004
Date du dernier message : 20-09-2014 à 15:12
Citation personnelle associée au pseudo : Svadnik 
Signature des messages : "BF3 features one of the worst playerbases ever on any platform. An average BF3 player is all kinds of terribad, only uses one class, one gun and is convinced that his kill-death-ratio is the most important thing ever.
They won't spot. They won't heal you. They won't revive you. They won't give you ammo. They won't play the fucking objective. They will use vehicles as personal taxis. They will sit an entire match on a mountain top with a bolt action rifle. They will steal that tank you just repaired and drive it straight into a cluster of mines."

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Skype : kanerzor68
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